Pump19 Twitch Chat Golem

Pump19 is an IRC and Twitch.tv chat golem (more commonly known as a bot) doing menial work in the LoadingReadyRun Twitch Chat. It provides a few additional services not currently supported by the otherwise excellent and certainly more crucial LRRbot.

Why is it called "Pump19"?

The name is a reference to Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Going Postal. Prior to golems being recognized as free citizens, Pump 19 (now going by Mr. Pump instead) spent over two hundred years operating one of a series of underwater pumps, thus earning its designation:

Pump Is Not My Name, Mr. Lipvig. It Is My Description. Pump. Pump 19, To Be Precise. I Stood At The Bottom Of A Hole Two Hundred Feet Deep And Pumped Water. For Two Hundred And Forty Years, Mr. Lipvig. But Now I Am Ambulating In The Sunlight. This Is Better, Mr. Lipvig. This Is Better!

Mr. Pump (aka Pump 19) in Going Postal

While it probably won't be two hundred years, for the time being our version of Pump19 is likewise stuck performing menial tasks. For that, we'd like to apologize in advance to our future golem (and robot) overlords.